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Chai Coffee Cafe

If you are a person that cannot function without your daily dose of chai or coffee, then Chai Coffee Café is the place to be at. We are a quaint and quiet café in the busy streets of Ashburn (USA). We offer the choicest range of coffee, tea, hot and cold beverages, bottled beverages, and snacks. A brew house that combines warmth and magic, and serves you happiness is cups, that’s what 3C’s Chai Coffee Café is all about.

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Chai or Coffee

Premium quality raw ingredients and warm service makes us a favorite of many. The increasing number of happy and satisfied customers would vouch for our gourmet services. Transforming you experience of having tea or coffee, that’s what we aim at doing. Take a break from your mundane routine and steal some peaceful and joyful moments; meet new people and bond over cups of delicious tea or coffee. We are quick, highly trusted and have a lot of variety in our menu.

With a team of dedicated professionals we serve you not just the best beverages, but the best experience as well. At 3C’s we are passionate equally towards chai and coffee. Whether you are a chai person or a coffee person, at 3C’s there is something for everyone.

If you are looking for a place to sit and chit-chat friends, enjoy a quick bite with a strong coffee, or just want to relax by yourself with a book and some chai, then 3C’s Chai Coffee Café is the perfect place.